The cultural promotion of children and young people is a subject that lies particularly close to Eliette von Karajan’s heart. It was down to her initiative in the past that many important projects were established which aimed to inspire young people with a lasting appreciation for art and culture: “My life has been richly blessed and I have received so much encouragement. I would like to pass some of it on.”



Eliette von Karajan’s commitment to younger people is focused on two main areas: introducing children and young people gently to classical music so that a contribution can be made today to educating the audience of tomorrow, and also selectively promoting young, talented artists and musicians who need particular encouragement and support at the beginning of their career. In her role as patron of the Youth Project of the Salzburg Easter Festival, Eliette von Karajan sees a task that is of utmost importance for the future: “I am delighted that we have succeeded in making the Easter Festival accessible to children and young people, too. For several years now, it has been possible for young people to get a glimpse behind the scenes of the Festival, and they are able to take an active part in all of the Festival’s events.”


As founder of the Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute, formerly the Karajan Centre, she has in the past been able to award scholarships on many occasions to young people with musical talent, thereby supporting them on part of their journey. 


As well as her dedication to music, the painter and art connoisseur Eliette von Karajan is committed to promoting fine arts in innovative ways.


She founded the “Prix Eliette“ ,at one time one of the most important prizes for fine artists and which has previously been awarded to Damien Hirst among others.